We do the right things, well

Complete Assurance Shared Values

It is our fundamental belief that catering for the elderly within the residential environment should be more than a simple meal experience but a source of comfort and mental stimulation in harmony with the residents nutritional needs and activities of the many homes we help.


Our employees are our most important asset and fundamental to everything we do.

Main Course

Cost control is the essence of any catering operation. Our clients benefit from our independence.


We only provide the best in terms of quality and price.

The company was established in 2008 by John, who has some 30 years experience in the provision of catering services within the Care Homes environment.

SCCS has developed steadily over the past 12 years. Having laid solid foundations and established a reputation for quality, innovation, professionalism and passion, SCCS is now well equipped and keen to increase its rate of growth selectively. We are focused on building on our reputation of quality and long term partnerships with clients, rather than short term financial gain. 

Every great service starts with the right ingredients. Passion, inspiration, care, courtesy, professionalism all combined with a large helping of understanding and ethics

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